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class descriptions

Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver has class offerings designed our to transport you through a learning process that includes the full range of the postures. Genuine progress in Iyengar yoga requires prolonged study at each level.

Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver teaches students of every age and fitness level. Students may attend classes at the level appropriate to their experience without registering in advance.

In addition to yoga classes at three distinct levels, the Center’s weekly schedule includes other specialty classes and workshops. The schedule indicates the primary teacher for each class.

You may drop in to any of our regularly scheduled yoga classes, space permitting, unless they are part of a series or require pre-registration.

Studios are kept slightly warmer in the summer and slightly cooler in the winter to practice closer to the outside environment, as encouraged by our master BKS Iyengar. This allows the body's internal thermostat to adjust better to the climate in which we live.

Students are exposed to the diversity of the Iyengar Practice, from quick jumping movements to long static holds. Iyengar Yoga includes it all.


Which Iyengar yoga class is right for me?

  • Basics

    This SIX WEEK introductory series provides students new to the Iyengar method with the fundamentals of yoga postures.  The Basics Series consists of one 90 minute class per week for six consecutive weeks.  We encourage students with no experience in Iyengar Yoga to take a Basics Series, which lays the foundation for your practice and prepares you for progression to Level 1.  Please call 720-570-9642 to register.  Class size LIMITED to 20.  Minimum of 3 students required.  Classes ongoing year round.

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    Mondays 7:15-8:45pm   February 23 - March 30

    Tuesdays 7:15-8:45pm  March 3 - April 7

    Sundays noon-1:30pm  March 22 - April 26


    Mondays 7:15-8:45pm  April 13 - May 18

    Tuesdays 7:15-8:45pm  April 21 - May 26

    Sundays noon-1:30pm  May 24 - June 28

  • Level 1

    For continuing beginner students of Iyengar Yoga, this yoga class provides the foundation for the study of Iyengar yoga.

  • Level 2

    For students who are well practiced in Level 1 postures, including Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulderstand), this yoga class offers deeper and expanded study of the fundamental Iyengar yoga poses with increased study of inversions and backward extensions.

  • Level 3

    This yoga class is geared toward students developing a home practice with a firm understanding of the fundamental poses in the Iyengar yoga tradition, including Salamba Sarvangasana and Sirsasana. Students will learn how to go deeper in their practice.

  • Back Care

    Sequences and adapted poses specifically for structural back issues, injuries, and general backache.

  • Community Class

    Do something good for yourself and for others.  Nurture yourself through asana practice.  Give to non-profit organizations through the altruistic practice of karma yoga in the donation-based class.

  • FREE Yoga for Cancer Survivors

    Free restorative class for people in treatment, survivors, and family members.

  • Prenatal and Yoga for Fertility

    A Yoga practice of asana and pranayama to build health for fertility in preparation for pregnancy and to make space for baby and ready expecting moms for childbirth. This class is appropriate for women who are trying to conceive naturally or going thru assisted reproductive treatment.

  • Postnatal/Baby

    Iyengar Yoga with infants (0 to pre-crawler)! Reshape your body and recoup your energy. Poses given to promote healing, increase and enhance milk production, and address any other issues that arise after labor and delivery.

  • Restorative

    This yoga class uses rejuvenating and supported yoga poses that restores energy and relieves chronic tension.

  • Seniors

    Slower paced with special attention to senior needs.

  • Teacher's Class

    Peer teaching, intermediate poses, therapeutic modifications to asanas. 

  • Women's Class

    A class for women only, where postures are worked on in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Yoga for Scoliosis

    This class is for students with scoliosis or spinal asymmetries.  Students will learn more about their curves and how the yoga practice may help manage scoliosis progression and discomfort. The class will include basic practice guidelines and useful posture modifications.  All levels welcome.

  • Yoga Sutra Study Group

    In this weekly study group we will recite the Yoga sutras in Sanskrit and explore their meaning.  The goal is to enrich your personal practice of Yoga from all possible angles.  No fee.  No experience necessary.  Please bring a copy of the Yoga Sutras with transliterated Sanskrit.